Bowker and Son Memorials
Designer and Builders of Fine Memorials
Since 1920

Blue Pearl

. This stone is from Norway.

Verde Antique

 This stone comes a Vermont quarry in Rochester.  

Dakota Mahogany

 This granite is quarried in the United States of America.

India Red

This is quarried from India.


This stone is also quarried in India.

Imperial Green

 This granite is quarried from China.

Bahama Blue

This stone come from India.

Bethel White

This granite is quarried in a local town of Bethel Vermont.

Indian Impalla

This  granite quarried from India.

About Our Memorials

Our memorials are quarried from many places. Some are quarried here in our home state of Vermont and others are from other counties such as Canada, Norway, India and many more places. We have a range of different colors, grains and looks. Below are some of our most popular options.

Mountain Rose

This pink granite comes from quarries in Canada.

Jet Black

This is a jet black granite. Is quarried from China and India.

Barre Grey

This stone is a classic look and is locally quarried in our home state of Vermont in the

Rock of Ages quarry in Barre.