Bowker and Son Memorials
Designer and Builders of Fine Memorials
Since 1920

Our services also include restoration and washings. After time goes on, moss can start to grow on the stones or other things can happen where the memorial needs some touching up. Our staff is trained in various skills in order to make the memorials look, in most cases, brand new. Click here to view some of our restorations or cleanings.

Some jobs are too large to for us to work with in our shop, so we will come to you. Our team is trained in many skills including on site sandblasting. Click here for more information.

Cleaning & Restoration
Bowker and Son Memorials

Open seven days a week, our family business offers many quality services such as:

  • Memorial cleaning, lettering and restoration
  • Full size drawing with every sale for customer approval
  • Pricing includes all lettering, carving, delivery and set up
Call us at 802-438-2222

or come visit us at our shop located in West Rutland Vermont.

Upright Monuments

Click here to view the different styles and varieties of memorials we have placed. Our designer, Sarah, can create the best layout for any monument.


Click here to view the different benches that we have placed in not only cemeteries but also at schools, parks and gardens.


Click here to view our finished slant monuments.


Etchings are a form of photograph that is lasered into the stone. These etchings are anything from portraits to lake side cabins. Click here to view different ideas of etchings.

Grass Markers

Even though these monuments are small, they can be very detailed and stunning. Click here to see different designs of grass markers.


Boulders can look rustic and earthy but can also look very clean and professional. These boudlers range from pet monuments to business signs to address markers. Click here for our range of past boulders.

Memorial Tiles

Memorial tiles are a flat piece of black granite with an etching lasered onto it. These can be use for any sort of wedding/ anniversary gift, pet monument or even just a memory forever in stone. Click here to see some examples of Memorial tiles.

Memorial Personalization

We have a couple extra options for your memorial. From our hero medallions to our ceramic photographs, we strive to have as many options for you to personalize your memorial. Click here to view some of our many options.

On Site Sandblasting
Pet Monuments

Every loved including a pet should be remembered. We have a range of different designed pet monuments to chose from to memorialize your pet. Click here to view some of our past pet monuments.

Memorial Selection

Click here to view the different kinds of granite we carry and where they come from.